360 Monitoring vs. Pingdom


  • Both offer site and Keyword Monitoring
  • Suitable for Digital Marketers and Web Developers

Key differences:

  • Complexity: Pingdom is limited to website monitoring, while 360 Monitoring is the all-in-one monitoring solution for keeping an eye on the entire infrastructure (i.e. server monitoring).
  • Versatile and customizable: 360 Monitoring shines through its versatility and the possibilities of personalization. Not only that you can write your own plug-ins, they can also be monitored, whereas this is not possible with Pingdom.
  • User-friendly: One of the big pluses of 360 Monitoring is the user-friendly dashboards, which clearly stand out from the dashboards that Pingdom provides.
  • Full Site Check: The unique 360 Full Site Check lets you identify anomalies and fix issues before they affect your sites and offers an incredible added value that you do not get with other monitoring solutions.

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360 Monitoring

Process monitoring

Server monitoring

Multi-channel alerting

Full Site Check

SSL monitoring

Keyword monitoring

User-friendly dashboards

Custom monitoring plugins

Write your own plugins

Managed infrastructure

Hosted Status Pages

Flexible plans, no commitment needed.

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