360 Monitoring vs. New Relic


  • Both monitoring services offer site and server monitoring
  • Designed for DevOps and IT operations

Key differences:

  • Complexity: Unlike New Relic, 360 Monitoring’s comprehensive monitoring package of server monitoring and website monitoring is complemented by SSL monitoring and hosted status pages.
  • Versatile and customizable: Although both providers offer the possibility of personalization, 360 Monitoring metrics go more into depth.
  • User-friendly: Both monitoring solutions offer user-friendly dashboards, but the user experience with 360 Monitoring is designed to provide a much cleaner and more pleasant experience.
  • SEO: With the help of keyword monitoring, 360 Monitoring, unlike New Relic, can track how well your site and landing pages rank.
  • Full Site Check: The versatile Full Site Check from 360 Monitoring includes Javascript Errors, Big Files or Broken Links, in order to quickly identify errors and potential risks for your business. New Relic offers no equivalent of this feature.

Compare 360 Monitoring with

New Relic


360 Monitoring
New Relic

Process monitoring

Server monitoring

Multi-channel alerting

Full Site Check

SSL monitoring

Keyword monitoring

User-friendly dashboards

Custom monitoring plugins

Write your own plugins

Managed infrastructure

Hosted Status Pages

Flexible plans, no commitment needed.

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