360 Monitoring vs. Nagios


  • Both offer site and server monitoring
  • Both offer some customization possibilities

Key differences:

  • Complexity: 360 Monitoring offers the full range of monitoring, while Nagios is limited to server monitoring and website monitoring; SSL monitoring and hosted status pages are not included.
  • Versatile and customizable: Nagios cannot keep up with the individualization and customization options on 360 Monitoring
  • SEO: With the help of keyword monitoring, 360 Monitoring, unlike Nagios, can track how well your site and landing pages rank.
  • Full Site Check: Compared to Nagios, the Full Site Check completes the wide monitoring package of 360 Monitoring and provides unique security.

Compare 360 Monitoring with



360 Monitoring
Process monitoring
Server monitoring
Multi-channel alerting
Website monitoring
Full Site Check
SSL monitoring
Keyword monitoring
User-friendly dashboards
Custom monitoring plugins
Write your own plugins
Managed infrastructure
Hosted Status Pages

Flexible plans, no commitment needed.

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