BitNinja Joins Forces With 360 Monitoring


We are delighted to announce a recent integration that combines the power of BitNinja with the power of 360 Monitoring, providing users with a comprehensive security solution.

Those of you who attended CloudFest may already have caught the booth talk  between the CEO of BitNinja George Egri, and the CTO of WebPros, Jan Löffler about this exciting partnership and the importance of uptime, speed, and security in hosting.

The Go-To Solution for Your Monitoring Needs  

360 Monitoring is a unique monitoring tool that combines ease of configuration with powerful site and server monitoring capabilities. It allows system administrators to have a real-time view of their system’s behavior and usage by collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, enabling them to respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

360 Monitoring can literally be set up in minutes and you can fully personalize your dashboards, reports, real-time notifications, and alerts to get all the insights you need to keep your systems running smoothly. 

More Than Just Monitoring 

360 Monitoring not only monitors websites, using monitoring probes from various locations around the world to measure latency and ensure optimal performance and uptime, but it also covers critical metrics like uptime, speed, and security.

You can define alerts and configure the system to send messages via popular messaging systems like SMS, WhatsApp, and Slack. It can also be an add-on to VPS packages or to website owners who want to ensure their site is performing optimally and securely. 

Why Did BitNinja Opt for This Integration? 

This integration was in high demand among users as BitNinja brings an extra layer of security to the 360 Monitoring suite. It allows users to access BitNinja-related information directly through the monitoring tool, facilitating quick action in case of any security-related issues.

Moreover, the integration incorporates malware information and other security-related performance metrics to provide you with a more comprehensive overview of your server security performance. Custom alerts and alarms will keep you informed and enable you to take swift action when necessary. 

Full Protection for Your Websites and Servers

This partnership brings together two powerful tools to provide users with comprehensive monitoring and protection for their servers and websites. With BitNinja and 360 Monitoring, you can rest assured that your systems are running smoothly and that they are protected from security threats.