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The Power of
360 Uptime Monitoring

Keep track of your online business assets with confidence, supported by world-class internal and external system monitoring.

Track server metrics like CPU, network, memory, & disk usage, and pinpoint issues at the source.

Protect your sites from malicious IPs to improve your sender reputation and email deliverability

Perform scans in the log files of your applications to receive data on their performance.

Discover a catalog of top plugins and even write your own with the open source 360 agent.

Measure your site uptime, performance, and health with scans at regular intervals.

In one click, analyze your site from 26 locations worldwide to ensure top customer experience everywhere.

Get notified via your favorite app. Be the first to know when your site is down or performing poorly.

Check entire websites and portals for quality and identify errors with this unique crawler.

360 Monitoring

Comprehensive Server Uptime Checks

Monitor your CPU, network, disk usage, load times, and much more at a click. 

Get to know your servers. With 360 process monitoring, track the health of each functionality to pinpoint why errors and downtime occur.

Available on both Windows and Linux.

360 Monitoring Single Server Overview
360 Monitoring Single Website Overview

Complete Website Uptime Monitoring

Unnoticed downtime is a thing of the past with 360 Site Monitoring. Check the DNS time, SSL validity, keywords, and beyond, testing from 26 locations globally.

Unlock Additional Flexibility

As well as being fitted with ready-made monitoring options, 360 Monitoring also provides out-of-the-box integrations with top database and server technologies. You can even create custom plugins based on your specific needs.

360 Monitoring Integrations
360 Monitoring alerts

Frequent Scans & Personalized Alerting

Never miss a notification again: when 360 Monitoring flags an issue, receive an alert directly to your preferred notification channel. With monitoring intervals up to 60 seconds, data retention up to 30 days, and historical data up to 2 years.

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